"Say you mean it, seal it up. 
Say you wanna try. 
Say you haven’t had enough. 
Say you wanna..
Once you get the feeling it
Wants you back for more. 
Says it’s gonna heal it but
You won’t make the call. 
One step back you’re leaving it;
Now it’s moving on
Why won’t you believe in it
‘Till it’s gone?”
I’m pretty sure that’s the fastest I’ve ever eaten anything. #sushi #rolls #sakura
#fbf to when @kristinorsbon and I got to hangout. The days, ya know.
Devil’s Food Chocolate Dome Cake with crunchy peanut butter & blackberry filling with white icing topped with a little but of crushed mixed nuts. I win.
Sweet baby:3. 🐙
Mi lady @hannahbairey.
These guys. @radxdaddy @hannahbairey
The easy way.
A thing is a thing until said thing is no longer.
Always tired.
"You’re a king, and I’m your lion heart."